AMG GT and AMG GT S - the new sports car

Now you can order the new AMG GT  and AMG GT S sports car.

It is available in two versions. The AMG GT with 462 hp  (600 NM of torque) and the GT S with 510 hp (650 NM of torque).  Both versions are equipped with the all-new 4.0 liters BiTurbo V8 engine. For a better balance of the sport car the 7-speed- dual clutch automatic transmission is installed at the rear-axle (transaxle). So the car has more grip. The acceleration to 100 kph is done in 4.0s. The AMG GT S is two tenth quicker (3.8s). The top speed is 304 kph for the AMG GT und 310 kph for the AMG GTS. The car is built with aluminium space frame technology. So the car only weighs 1.6 tons (including 75 kg driver and 90 % fuel load). The fuel consumption of the AMG GT is 9.3 liters. The AMG GT S needs 9.4 liters on 100 km.

The delivery of the AMG GT S starts at the end of the first quarter of 2015. The AMG GT with 462 hp follows the AMG GT S in the third quarter of 2015.