New E 63 AMG S 4matic+ with 612 hp

Mercedes-AMG will show the new E 63 AMG 4matic+ and E 63 AMG S 4matic+ at the Los Angles Auto Show in November 2016. The order start begins in the middle of Januar 2017. The delivery to the customers starts in March 2017.

In the S-modell the new 4.0 liters V8 BiTurbo engine now delivers 612 hp and 850 NM of torque (normal version: 571 hp / 750 Nm of torque). The sprint to 100 kph is done in 3.4s.

The modified 4matic+ all-wheel-drive system is equipped with a drift mode (only S-modell). Then the power will be only delivered to the rear axle.

The fuel consumption could be reduced to 8.9 liters because of the AMG cylinder management which deactivates 4 cylinders if no power is required.