New E-Class W213 starts in April 2016

In the beginning of April 2016 Mercedes starts to deliver the all new E-Class W213. First you will get three engines. The E 200 with 184 hp, the E 350d with 258 hp and the E 220d with the all new diesel engine (194hp). The E 220d only consume 3.9 liters on 100 km. The sprint to 100 kph is done in 7.3s. The topspeed is 240 kph. The new OM654 2.0 liter diesel engine with its aluminium body is 35 kg lighter than its predecessor OM651. In combination with the new and lighter W213 E-Class chassis the E 220d is all in all 80 kg lighter.  

The new E-Class has plenty of innovations like the two 12 inch widescreen displays (option) with full HD for the Comand Online and the speedometer. The Airbody is new highly advanced air suspension with a wider range between sport and comfort mode (option).

There are also optional new seat with eight different massage programs.

The world best headlights are developed especially for the new W213. It is called LED Multibeam Intelligent Light System. In each headlight there are 84 leds. The computer adapts the light setting of each led every 100ms to the actual situation.

Another highlight is the new Drive Pilot. The E-Class can drive nearly autonomous on highways between 0-210 kph. If the actual situation is cleary the Drive Pilot only needs after about 60s a confirmation via the new touch control button in the steering that the drive is still awake.

Later this year you can also order the E 400, E 43 AMG, E 200d, E 250, E 300 and E 350e. 2017 there will also be the new E 63 AMG with the new 4.0 liters V8 BiTurbo.