Mercedes AMG SL 63 4matic+ order start

Mercedes AMG SL 63 4matic+

The delivery of the new Mercedes AMG SL 63 and SL 55 (V8 BiTurbo) and the SL 43 (inline 4 cyclinder with 2.0 liters displacement) has started.


The sprint to 100 kph is done in just 3.6s. The SL 63 AMG 4matic+ has a topspeed of 315 kph.

The new SL has a 2+2 seater layout and will delivered with a authentic soft-top.

Later their will be additional variants like the SL 55 AMG 4matic+ with 476 PS (0-100 kph 3.9s; topspeed 295 kph).

The SL 63 and SL 55 are equipped with the well-known AMG 4.0 liters V8 BiTurbo.

The smaller 2.0 liters 4-cyclinder version with rear-wheel-drive (SL 43 AMG 381 hp) gets in 4.9s to 100 kph.

Next year Mercedes will present a Maybach Version of the SL.

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