Mercedes-AMG is starting the delivery of the GLA 35 and GLA 45

Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 4matic with 306 hp

Mercedes-AMG is now starting the delivery of three powerful compact SUV models:

  • GLA 35 AMG 4matic SUV with 306 hp and 400 NM of torque, 0-100 kph is done in 5.1s, topspeed 250 kph
  • GLA 45 AMG 4matic+ SUV with 387 hp and 480 NM of torque, 0-100 kph is done in 4.4s, topspeed 250 kph*
  • GLA 45 S AMG 4matic+ SUV with 421 hp and 500 NM of torque, 0-100 kph is done in 4.3s, topspeed 270 kph

* with AMG drivers package topspeed is limited at 270 kph.

Both models uses MBUX infotainment systems:

You can talk to it like to your Apple Siri system. By saying "Hey Mercedes" you are activating the MBUX assistant. The GLC then ask back "How can I help you". If you are saying "I am hungry" the system searches restaurants and you get the results on the 10,2 inch display. After you have chosen the restaurant the navigation starts to this new destination.



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