New Plug-In-Hybrid Land Rover models

Range Rover

Now Land Rover offers two Plug-In-Hybrid models P400e: the Range Rover (short and long wheelbase) and the Range Rover Sport.

The powertrain consist of one 2.0 liters 4-cylcinder petrol engine with 221 kw / 300 hp and of the electric engine with 85 kw / 116 hp. The system output is 297 kw/ 404 hp.

If you are drive in the hybrid mode you can combine the power of the two engines. The EV-Mode is complete silent and you can drive up to 51 km fully electric.

The battery has a capacity of 13 kwh. You can charge it in a normal garage in about 7 h or with a wallbox (32A) in less than 3 h.

The sprint up to 100 kph is done in 6.8s. The combined fuel consumption is 2.8 liters (NEDC).

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