Now you also get an electric GLA “EQA”

Mercedes EQA

Now you also get an electric GLA “EQA”

The order start of the electric GLA “EQA 250” was in February 2021. The delivery will begin in April 2021.

The new EQA is the electric version of the compact SUV GLA. It is produce on the same line in the Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt.

Between the front and rear axle the 66.5 kWh battery is installed. The EQA 250 is also a car with front-wheel drive. The EQA 250 delivers 190 hp. The electric range is 429 km (WLTP) or 486 km (NEDC).

In Fall there are coming two additional version of the EQA. The EQA with 4matic has one electric motor at the front and one at the rear axle. The system output will be above 272 hp.

In addition to that there also will be a long range version which has an electric range with more than 500 km (WLTP).

The interior is equal to the GLA.

The trunk volume of the EQA is a bit lower than the trunk volume of the GLA (435 liters). The EQA 250 has a 340 liters trunk. The lower compartment of the EQA trunk is gone in respect of the 11 KW on-board-charger which is installed there.

With a 400 volt AC 16 A Typ2 wallbox you can charge the EQA within 6 hours. With the fast-charging standard CCS (DC) you can recharge the EQA from 10 to 80 percent State-of-Charge in just 30 min. The maximum charging speed is 113 kW. This is really brilliant for a compact electric SUV.

The photos are showing the gasoline brother (GLA)

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